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Post  luckhu on Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:53 am

Since the invention of the first video game, Pacman Games have been a well-loved money , Many of us spent years of allowance and paper route money at the local arcade or bowling alley trying to beat the top score and for the priviledge of punching in our initials for all future players to movie , Weren't those the best of times?

You immediately gained popularity when others learned you had the game at home and kids would spend hours gathered in front of the television set trying to outdo one movies , It was a great moment for women's lib when movies online , Pacman was introduced and offered us girls a chance to feel vindicated. Oh how great those days were.

Technology may have brought us thousands upon thousands of new video games to play but the great classics are still number one in the Pacman generation. There are now more than thirty different versions of various Pacman Games for all generations to enjoy.

You can find and download thirty of the top versions of Pacman at Pacman Game dot info. From the classic version, Ms Pacman and a fun supermario pacman game to a burger pacman where you have to avoid Ronald McDonald, you will find them all in one convenient place. We have compiled the best versions of this favorite of all ages.

There is a 3D version where you are George W. Bush and need to avoid the ghost presidents as you clamber through the halls or an office version where you need to eat all the doughnuts before your nerdy co-worker catches you and rats you out to the boss.

One of my favorite versions, and yes I played all thirty, was the Pac-Pong Pacman that combined my two most memorable childhood video games by turning pacman into the pong ball and having you bounce him back and forth collecting dots and hitting ghosts on the way. I quickly worked up the levels of this one and will be returning to play it often on my coffee break for a little stress relief.

No animated collection would be complete without a Simpsons version and you won't be disappointed with any of the Simpsons Pacman Games. Try to avoid Mr. Burns, Flanders and Patty and Selma as you work your way through a traditional Pacman maze filled with Homer's favorite donuts. You can play as either Homer or Bart and combine your favorite video game with the longest running animated primetime series ever.

The New Ms. Pacmen version offered here seemed to have the best reaction and was the easiest to maneuver through the maze. It has the traditional look and feel and brought me back to my childhood as I chased the ghosts with true woman spirit.

From Sonic the Hedgehog Pacman to Anti Pacman, each game was entertaining and worth a shot. For seasoned players who have spent years of their life perfecting their game to young Pacman novices, the games offered here are sure to please anyone who is looking for a fun way to spend a rainy day or to start a new friendly competition with friends.

Pacman Games will never disappoint and always offer a great way to spend an afternoon. It is a well laid out site, is easy to use, provides directions for each game and had no glitches. I have bookmarked it for use in the future and sent the link to a few old rivals.


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